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The PAX Good Behavior Game

Coop Consulting, Inc. began coordinating the implementation of the PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX GBG) in 2016 on behalf of the State of New Mexico. A model designed to be implemented by elementary school classroom teachers to increase student self-regulation, PAX GBG is one of the most successful primary prevention programs that exist. Developed by teachers fifty years ago, it has a depth of research studies going back decades that demonstrate its efficacy and an astonishing Return on Investment (ROI). Coop Consulting, Inc. developed a statewide implementation model and leads the effort to systematically recruit school districts, coordinate training and booster sessions with the developer, PAXIS Institute (who provide licensed “master” trainers and classroom materials), mentor and coach teachers implementing PAX GBG in the classroom, coach administrators, recruit and coach “partners” in each school building who provide on-site mentoring to teachers, and mentor and manage these partners from across the state. Coop Consulting, Inc. staff plan, coordinate, and evaluate the statewide implementation of PAX GBG for the Office of Substance Abuse Prevention, of New Mexico’s Behavioral Health Services Division, Human Services Department. New Mexico’s PAX Good Behavior Game project is implemented in about a quarter of New Mexico’s school districts, and in a handful of tribal schools.

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